Claudia Menecola

Photograph by Enzo Rodriguez
Claudia Menecola (b. 1996) is a Toronto-based artist and recent graduate of OCAD University where she received a BFA in Drawing & Painting. In her practice, Claudia draws upon intuition to create abstract works that seek to find a balance between deliberate and unconscious action. She uses a wide range of unconventional materials and processes. The unpredictable nature of paint and degree of control that can be maintained over it is something that interests Claudia, and this tension between the known and unknown is the driving force behind what she creates. She sees painting as a way to create a personal record of everything that was and is while simultaneously being influenced by her surroundings and the responses they trigger within her. Her work seeks to find a balance between unconscious and irrational and conscious and deliberate, while her process involves learning and knowing, intent and accident, personal experience and trial and error.