Nicole Ji Soo Kim

"Sometimes through exaggerated performances of day to day activities, sometimes through interventions in familiar spaces, I give attention to uneventful actions, everyday objects and routine-like activities. Art which excites me most are those that involve or dissolve into the everyday; which does not cry for attention or exist as something special apart from the rest of the world. I question the ontology of art, challenging its form and methods of presentation. I carry an interdisciplinary practice which is heavily based on concepts executed with materials or non material to reflect nothing more than the idea. My artistic process moves alongside my day to day life; shifting, adapting and hardly resisting to big life situations that influence my mental and physical state. Circumstances change my process but the root of it stays constant: the interest in what is mundane and ordinary; what is bland and dull; what is boring; ennui; what leads to nothing; and emptiness."

Nicole is an interdisciplinary artist based based out of Toronto, Ontario. Her formal art education began at School of the Arts Institute of Chicago and she completed her BFA at OCAD University in 2020. She has shown in group shows since 2018 in venues such as Xpace, Beaver Hall Gallery and OCAD U as well as on various online platforms. In 2018 she was published in The Six Hundred Winter Issue V.2. Nicole Ji Soo is currently participating in the Roundtable Remote Residency themed: GAP YEAR.

Ernesto Cabral de Luna

Ernesto is a Mexican-Canadian photo based artist whose work centres around the analog & digital intrusion of mixed media.

His collage work aims to analyze and deconstruct mass produced images of Western popular culture found within advertising, magazine articles and ethnographic works of 20th century publications.

His digital stop-motion like animations allow for him to showcase his work progress by means of alternating between the various compositional possibilities that exist within the same idea.

His latest series (A Falta) de Pan, Tortillas is a retrospective and decolonizing analysis of his family’s story as immigrants through the manipulation of ID cards and passport photos.

Ernesto is a part of the Punk Circus and Apples Gone Bad collectives and is currently finishing his BFA in Photography at OCAD University in Toronto.



Kiki Chan

"Rooted in HongKong; growing in Toronto, Canada.  English and ceramics are both my second languages.  Turning my experiences and thoughts into physical objects through clay making.  Balancing between providing function and aesthetically pleasing in all pieces.  Practicing to achieve "made to last" with the principle of prioritizing the environment in all processes. 
{ My aim = A media for me to tell my story + the most minimal effect to nature + you enjoying the piece }"



Mercedes Ventura

Mercedes Ventura (she/her/they) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Odawa/Ottawa, Ontario. Mercedes’ work functions as autobiographical fiction investigating new spaces of the digital era, appropriating signifiers of self—gender, culture, religion, family, nation, and so on—as building blocks to envision works in various media: sculpture, video, and photographic self-portraiture. As a Guatemalan Canadian artist, Mercedes’ work is informed by the two cultures, her relationship to them and their relation to each other. She has been working on various photo, textile, and media projects as well as an Instagram account dedicated to performative self-portraits. In the spring of 2017, Mercedes received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa. She has exhibited works in Ottawa and Gatineau region in various galleries and artist run centres. In the summer of 2020, Mercedes produced a web-based public art work for the city of Ottawa and Digital Arts Resource Centre.



Sasha Phipps

Sasha Phipps is a French-Canadian artist working in video, installation, painting, and public art interventions. He received a college diploma in 3D animation at La Cité collégiale in 2006 and completed his BFA at the University of Ottawa in 2010. His work has been exhibited in galleries across Canada, Winnipeg (MB), Gatineau (QC), Sudbury (ON), Ottawa (ON) and in Toronto (ON). Phipps was commissioned by Knot Project Space to create a large-scale public projection in Ottawa’s urban sphere and his works are part of the City of Ottawa’s Public Art collection. He has recently taken up the position of vice-president on the board of directors of the Franco-Ontarian artist-run centre, La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario in Sudbury. He maintains an artistic practice in the City of Ottawa and works as the photography and media arts technician for the visual arts department, University of Ottawa.



Amaya Snowden

Amaya Snowden is the human behind Stuff and Things Ceramics, a Toronto-based bespoke ceramics brand specializing in custom homewares. She is a graduate of OCADU, where she studied Material art and Design. The boldness and colours of Amaya's work are inspired by the Earth itself. When she isn't in the studio, she and her partner enjoy the outdoors at every opportunity, taking hikes and going camping. Her newest focus is on the Spence line, a custom commissioned collection of dishware and kitchen items in speckled white and bold blue.



Robert Graham

"A man tumbles down into a subway station, sprays paint everywhere, does rolls, flips, runs from wall to wall. This man is not Rob but he is who Rob wanted his statement to be about so this is what we've gone and written here. Rob made a horrible miscalculation - thinking we wouldn't."

Robert is an expressionist painter based out of Ajax, Ontario. His formal training occurred through OCAD University between 2008 and 2012.



Mac Lenters

Mac Lenters is a visual artist based in Toronto, Canada. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across the Ontario region and has completed multiple commission projects with international corporations including Starbucks and Holt Renfrew. He is an advocating member of the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind). Mac received his BFA from OCAD University and his Visual and Digital Arts diploma from Humber College.

At the heart of recent work is an exploration into discovering harmonies and contrasts linking the natural and technological worlds, examining the questions they pose in an advancing time. Through a dualistic media practice of painting and 3D rendering, Mac forms colourful and anfractuous worlds that echo a fascination with the intricacies of nature and society. Mac’s research stems from personal histories amidst the forests and lakes of Northern Ontario.