We are a Tkaranto/Taranteau/Toronto-based art gallery focused on highlighting the work we believe in. Without mincing words, we use every means possible to fund our artists and their projects with everything from grants, to solo shows, to selling original work and limited edition product runs. 

Our co-founders are:


Gabriel Rojas Hruška

Director and Chief Information Officer


Ian Donald

Chief Financial Officer


Mekki Guernane

Chief Risk Officer


Philip Guiver

Chief Compliance Officer



Board of Advisors: Zi Wang (Marketing, Arts Management and Administration), Heather Thomson (Printmaking), Akash Inbakumar (Textiles and Craft), Kristi Chen (Gallery Events and Foresight)

Submissions Coordinator, Marketing and Research Assistant: Jacqueline Strachan


Submissions can be made to:

For all other inquiries, including international sales, please contact: